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Angels fall

Why do Angels fall?

Is it their heavy Wings? I wish I knew.

I have no wings and I have fallen many times.

Perhaps I’m not an Angel anymore.

Darkness is a traveller with bare feet; dirty and starving.

He has the kindest face and pleading eyes.

Why else would we let him in?

Give him our heart to sleep in; let him eat of our soul?

We quench his thirst with our tears.

I even cut him a key from my dreams.

He lied

I don’t want him a guest anymore.

It’s cold down here. Hidden from the Sun.

I’m changing my lock with a new dream.

Be careful, he may need a place to stay.

I know he will visit me again.

And I will greet him at the door.


4 thoughts on “Angels fall

  1. You are an inspiration Cass. The reality of life isn’t all sunshine and roses is it? Too many struggle and just stay afloat. Spirit once told me ‘the harder the journey, the greater the growth’ I guess this is obvious but it is worth remembering. Nothing is for nothing xx


    • That is such a lovely thing to say. I often write about dark subject matter as it’s what people tend to struggle most with; It’s very hard to communicate for those in the midst of it. I really appreciate your feedback. xx


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