Frost and Snow


Love of frost and snow
Carry sins of past in tow
Sleeping in Winters arms
Adorned with pretty Charms

Waiting for the summer sun
When all good deeds will come undone
Each now liquescent drop of ice
The lover must consider twice
Goodness sometimes isn’t nice


Copyright property of  CassandraKilby.com


2 thoughts on “Frost and Snow

  1. Nice one, Cassie. Do you mean “tow” rather than “toe”? I’d like to see you try some free verse poetry that doesn’t rhyme as much. I think you would enjoy it and I think you would find even more depth if you were less restricted by rhyme. Have a look at the poetry of Sylvia Plath. You write a little like her. Poems I’d suggest include “By Candlelight”, “Child”, “Daddy”, “Dark Wood, Dark Water” and “Balloons”. Here is a link to some of her poems: http://www.internal.org/Sylvia_Plath


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