LOVE is in the air–For Melanie

Today was a beautiful crisp Winter’s day in Sydney, Australia.

I did the usual thing of taking the husband, dog, and child to the park (okay, so three children in reality) and look what I saw 😄image

Such a romantic gesture right?

Well pretty much every girl in the whole park stood anxiously waiting to see if it was their name about to be written in the sky…much to the shock horror of their boyfriends, whose faces revealed somewhat different expressions to their own.

The boyfriends probably knew what their night was about to look like once ‘said’ girlfriend realises it isn’t her turn just yet. I don’t envy those poor lads. I should know because I remember being one of those girls once LOL.

I did suggest to one guy that he might want to take advantage of the expense someone else had gone to for this romantic proposal. Why not claim it as his own and forever be the hero; only he and I would know.

This plan fell flat on its face before it even got off the ground, as all the non-Melanie’s watched with disappointed hearts 😩image

Congratulations Melanie, wherever you are…


3 thoughts on “LOVE is in the air–For Melanie

    • Tehe, thank you, and likewise. It actually was Melanie, but sadly the Marry-Me was just a smudge in the sky by the time it finished. I would have taken a pic, but by that time my daughter was giving me the who cares stare 😊

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