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A Promise

We met in the spring, late September
You promised to keep me safe; don’t you remember?
Now, I’m lying in a pool of blood, how can this be?
What about Sebastian, he’s only three

What will you tell him? I suppose it’s all my fault
I was going to leave you, escape abuse, revolt
You promised to love me; don’t you remember?
But you wanted a prisoner, and I wouldn’t surrender

Been with you since I was twenty-four,
Believed I found a prince; Amore
I’m feeling cold now, impotent to see
A few more breaths, then I’ll be free

My slit throat, unable to breathe
I have a parting gift to leave
My gift to you, my love, is this
I’ll molest you with my ghostly kiss

Each and every night you’ll pray,
My haunting shrieks won’t break the day
You promised to keep me safe, don’t you remember?

That warm Septem…ber…


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