Childrens Picture Books

Toby and The Whale


This is a very unfortunate tale.
Of a boy that never listened,
and a very big whale.

It starts like any summers day, a family at the beach.
A mummy and a daddy and a boy they couldn’t teach.

“Toby, swim between the flags. Over there the water drags”

His parents yelled with all their might but soon would get an awful fright

On that day Toby should have listened
He swam where he shouldn’t and then he went missing.

They searched high and low
but were never to find him.

This boy had been swallowed by a whale behind him.

Whilst swimming in the danger zone, a current that was fast and strong, had pulled young Toby out to sea
As quickly as you can say 1, 2, 3.

There are waves in the ocean of various sizes, large waves for surfers and flat waves for divers.

Then there are currents that rip all about and pull you away from the beach while you shout…….HELP!!! To the lifeguards to come to your aid, whilst you kick and you wave as you’re very afraid.

He tried to swim with all his might.
The current pulled and held him tight.

On this very
sad, sad day.
Ignoring his parents
he was swept away.

Out to sea in the big, big blue.
Toby was pulled.
And that could have been you!

So be sure to trust your parents warning.
Even the ones that sound dreadfully boring.

The life guards said.
“There are the flags,
he swam out where the water drags.”

To this his father did reply, as his mother gave an awful sigh,
“t’was always our GREATEST fear.
He never listened…..
did he dear?!?!”

It’s not as sad a tale I’m told
For now young Toby is quite old.

He did not die as he tried to swim,
a great big whale took him in.

And that is where he now resides.
A frail old man, but still alive.

I hope you have been listening kids
I hope it has been clear
Always swim between the flags and keep an adult near.

by Cassandra Kilby, 2013


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