The Eternal Dance

Find me Moon and stay with me forever
Why must you leave each time I see your face?
Our short time together teases me
I love you
Do you enjoy this dance?
Why do you run from me? Are you shy?
Always evading my love and my light
I love you
Do you see me?
Is my presence too much for you?
An eternal dance
Occasionally you shadow me and some call it an eclipse
I call it wonderful

I love you
Don’t you love me too?
I dream of your embrace
How long will this courtship dance break my heart?
As I shine my light you turn your back on me
I have given myself to you
We are one and the same you and I
You are my Yang
I will forever rise and one day I’ll catch you
I love you
I will wait for you


Cassandra Kilby


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