Prophecy of Ella


Why am I so afraid?

I know you are not going to bite right? Last night I was trying to talk to my husband about my new book. I was getting all tongue tied  and ended up just giving him the pages to read.

It was an awkward 5 minute lead up as I fumbled like a 15 year old asking a boy for a dance. By the time he got to reading it I just went to sleep too scared to hear his feedback.

This is nerve wracking stuff. Does anyone else get like this?

I had no issue telling the story to my dad. Maybe its because I know my dad likes the Fantasy Genre. My husband is a Scientist so he is more of a text book man.

Either way it is all great character building as I navigate my way around. I am able to channel these various emotions into my characters. In fact there are two interesting things I have noticed recently.

  1. I have been taking on the personality traits of my characters. You know, the way an actor would when preparing for a role. The strange thing is I am not doing it consciously. It is kind of leaving me feeling like I have MPD (multiple personality disorder)!
  2. I have also noticed that I cannot wait for any chance to get back to writing my book. I am so impatient to find out what happens to the characters next. Its the strangest thing. Almost as if, rather than being the writer I am an observer, jotting down what is happening inside my mind. I kind of feel like I am making a bootleg copy. I only hope I do it justice.

Any other writers out there that can relate to this or am I truly going mad?

Well they do say that many creative people are mad right? That’s part of our eccentric charm…….or so I tell myself.

Actually, I think some scientists are totally mad! Whilst doing some research for my book I came across an article about Black Holes on he NASA website. It was answering a fearful question Could a Black Hole Destroy Earth? The answer was this…..”Black holes do not wander around the universe, randomly swallowing worlds. They follow the laws of gravity just like other objects in space. The orbit of a black hole would have to be very close to the solar system to affect Earth, which is not likely.

If a black hole with the same mass as the sun were to replace the sun, Earth would not fall in. The black hole with the same mass as the sun would keep the same gravity as the sun. The planets would still orbit the black hole as they orbit the sun now”Read more about it here

Sorry NASA, but I am pretty sure that if a Black Hole swallowed the Sun then that qualifies as destroying the Earth!!!

black hole.jpgThanks science, I was afraid of my book being rejected by a publisher but now I’m just afraid that a Black Hole is going to eat up the sun and cast us off into darkness for eternity!!!

Anyway, back to my Character development…..I’ll catch you later x


2 thoughts on “Confronted

  1. Yes, the short book I have written wrote itself really, I just had to keep up or get it out. I relate to writing keeping you up if you don’t write it down, and also I would lose awesome stuff if I didn’t! Often came right as I was falling asleep! Seems like you have yr flow on! Go Hun explore and enjoy yr journey with the Prophesy of Ella! Put me on the list to buy a copy when it’s ready! X


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