About Cassandra


I’m a woman, with insecurities, that’s right; an Italian-Irish-Australian, who looks South American; with a Greek name. I’m complex, eccentric and at times a little mad.

I am a mother of a daughter, born I’m sure; to teach me all that I’ve never known, or forgot about the world, in its purest form.

I find it difficult to talk to you about myself as myself. It seems contrived.

It’s certainly not my self-expression, which is why as a writer I like to act as my Alter ego, let’s call her Sassy Cassy. She has guts; she says what she feels; writes passionately about things that matter to her, loves powerfully without fear and takes negativity on the chin while sipping her Bloody Mary. I like Sassy Cassy

Why do I write?

Why? Because language is the greatest medium we have in the World, possibly the Universe to communicate and create. All forms of art are great, but words; words are the God, The Creator, of which all else is manifested.

There isn’t much if anything that cannot be communicated with words.

Try to use actions to communicate; keep your desk messy in an attempt to communicate how over-worked you are; withhold sex or romance to let your partner know how unhappy about something you are; it’s really hit and miss, and most of the time they won’t get the message, at which point you will use words to send it to them loud and clear.

Mostly I write because words have a way of keeping me up at night. Once I get something creating in my mind I either write it down or get pushed aside as it evolves. My brain and I have done a deal; I write and it lets me sleep.

Why are you here?

You are here because you are awesome.

If you have found my Blog, I imagine you fall into one of three categories or maybe all.

First category; you might be a loving family member or friend—here to give support and encouragement, in which case I say thanks and invite you not to be shy, and please share my blog…

The second; you are a fellow blogger/writer, in which case I welcome and salute you, my Kin; thank you for your support and I will surely reciprocate it.

Thirdly; you may have found me by accident, in which I would say I don’t believe in accidents; then I would offer you a beverage and ask that you sit and enjoy reading about the World through my eyes. Thank you for accidentally (not really) finding my blog and Welcome.

Regardless of which category you fit, I request that you interact; let me know what you think, I love personal interaction and after all—I write for you, so let me know what you think.

xxx    Cassandra Kilby


10 thoughts on “About Cassandra

  1. Hi Cassandra, This is Nissim. This is a powerful and soul-piercing blog. It’s so true that words have a haunting power. They say a picture conveys a thousand words, but sometimes a word is pregnant with a thousand pictures, as is a seed pregnant with the tree.

    Please keep writing. You have a gift you must share with the rest of us.


    • Wow Nissim, That is so sweet and very encouraging especially coming from you.
      I’m really enjoying your novel Shards of Divinities and am always transported by your rich descriptions.
      I look forward to my holiday so I can really get lost in it without distraction.


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